The picture gallery is a new addition to the board. The features of the new gallery are
1. All files can be password protected to ensure privacy
2. All the registered users can create their own categories and upload pictures.
3. Uses will have the right to edit or delete their own categories and pictures.
4. Multiple pictures (20 at present) can be uploaded simultaneously.
5. The pictures shown in the gallery and slideshow are smaller sized irrespective of   the initial file size.
6. Even large picture files (up to 1.5 MB at present) can be uploaded. (But please reduce file size if they are big to reduce server load)
7. Pictures can be downloaded in the original size. If you put multiple pictures as your favourite, all of them can be downloaded as a single zip file.
8. Users can rate the pictures and add comments
9. There is a 'tree view' of all the categories on the left side for easy navigation and it is easy to locate the category you want to view.
10. I have already created categories with specific user names for some of the batchmates and uploaded pictures from the previous site. Many of them are old, so make sure you upload some new ones. If you want any of the pictures already uploaded to be deleted, please let me know. (You can edit or delete the files you upload yourself).
Please make sure you have an appropriate category for your pictures. Else create a category with a suitable name before uploading.
Creating catagories and uploading pictures 
Make sure you are logged in. Open the picture gallery by selecting the 'Gallery' link from the top menu.
Look at the gallery tree view on the left. Expand the tree view by the Expand all link at the top. See if there is an appropriate subcategory for your pictures.
If you think a suitable subcategory does not exist for your pictures, select the User panel link at the top of the main gallery page. Click Categories and then New category.  Make sure you create a subategory under an appropriate category or subcategory.
After that go back to the User panel and click New pictures to upload pictures
To make things interesting, please add comments and rate pictures. (It may be sensible to avoid rating family pictures).
Contact me if there is any trouble.

 Although you can view some posts as a guest, please login always to make sure you can access all the board features. Once you have logged in you will be able to identify which all posts you haven't viewed before.
The messages you have read before are marked by topic_read where as unread messages are indicated by topic_unread.

You may create a new post (thread) or reply to an existing one. The posting can be made attractive by using specific font colour, size and inserting emoticons. 
To change text colour, click and drag your mouse to select the text and then click font colour.
You can insert a web address hyperlink. Select the text as above and click the URL tool.

You may also attach files including images.
There are lots of options, try them out. 
Please let me know if any of the features are not working.
Siby. is designed to serve as a common portal for the members of the 1991 MBBS batch of Medical College, Kottayam, India. 
In the past the entire site was accessible without any password. But now, because the site contains personal data including photographs, access to most of the contents is restricted for registered users only. With the latest upgrade, security of the data has been made a priority. 
At the moment of writing this, only about half of the 100 batchmates have registered. All of the batchmates are politely requested to register and keep their profile profiles updated. 
As of now there are 2 important components in the site.
1. Discussion board - Enables a registered user to post any relevant discussion topic. It can be anything about future alumni meets, technology, medicine, jokes or any contemporary topic. 
2. Photo gallery - Attempts have been made to upload photographs taken by various batchmates during the MBBS period. But more importantly, each user can regularly upload family and personal photographs. Also there are sections for other interesting or funny photos too. 
If you need any help about the site, please use the 'Contact' link on the top menu to send me an email. 
I have been maintaining this site from early 2000 or so and the outlook of the site has been changed several times. We have had our own hosting plan and domain name for long time. 
Please be active in posing in the forum and uploading pictures! LOL
Siby Sebastian




Registering at is only for the batch members. Most of the batchmates have already registered. Use the link to Create account from homepage.Please contact the admin if you want to any help.
Forgotten username/password
If you think you have registered before, please do not try to re-register. If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the appropriate links to retrieve username or reset the password in the Login menu of the home page.
Modification of profile data:
From time to time, you may need to update your profile. To do that please login first. Make sure you are on the home page (please click home if you are not already on the homepage)There is a Member tools menu on the left which has a link  Update your profile.
To do anything more including setting up or changing your avatar, signature etc, please use the User control panel link.
Searching other member's profiles:
If you want email id or contact information of other registered batchmates, please use the link 'Batchmates' in the Member tools menu. You can see all the members as a list. If you click a name, you can view that person's profile. There is also a link to send emails to the person straight from the board. Also you can send a private message by clicking PM link. A user will retrieve his messages only when he log into the site next time.
If you prefer to send email in the conventional way, please open the profile of the person and find his/her email id. Copy it in your normal email client and send it as usual.
If any problems, email me straight if you know my email id or use the Contact link on the top menu.
Siby Sebastian