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Dear all


I believe this website served its purpose as the common portal of communication for the 1991 batchmates of Kottaym Medical College from 1998 until now (2011). We are now in the era of social networking and naturally there are not many reasons for most of us to use this website, which is evident by the fact that there are no posts in the forum during last several months. We might be able to utilise this site in the future to update about events common to all batchmates. The forum and the photo gallery are still active and you can view profiles of the matchmates (which may not be up to date) too. I am not going to perform any more updates, but will make sure the site and domain name are maintained at least for next few years. 

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For those who find it difficult to navigate through various features of this website, a short and comprehensive help section has been added which is accessible to anybody. It is located towards the left menu section of this page. If anything more needs to be clarified, please email me using the Contact link in the top menu.

Welcome to the homepage of 1991 batch of Kottayam Medical College. This site is designed to be a common portal for all the batchmates to discuss anything under the sun and post pictures, document files etc.

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A new photo gallery is added to the website. It may look a bit complicated initially.But the advantage is that each user can create various categories and upload their own photos. Most of the photos will not be visible to the public. I have already uploaded some photos which were alredy posted on the previous site. Make sure you login to use the gallery. Go to user panel where you can create categories. Then upload photos to the specific category.