Registering at is only for the batch members. Most of the batchmates have already registered. Use the link to Create account from homepage.Please contact the admin if you want to any help.
Forgotten username/password
If you think you have registered before, please do not try to re-register. If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the appropriate links to retrieve username or reset the password in the Login menu of the home page.
Modification of profile data:
From time to time, you may need to update your profile. To do that please login first. Make sure you are on the home page (please click home if you are not already on the homepage)There is a Member tools menu on the left which has a link  Update your profile.
To do anything more including setting up or changing your avatar, signature etc, please use the User control panel link.
Searching other member's profiles:
If you want email id or contact information of other registered batchmates, please use the link 'Batchmates' in the Member tools menu. You can see all the members as a list. If you click a name, you can view that person's profile. There is also a link to send emails to the person straight from the board. Also you can send a private message by clicking PM link. A user will retrieve his messages only when he log into the site next time.
If you prefer to send email in the conventional way, please open the profile of the person and find his/her email id. Copy it in your normal email client and send it as usual.
If any problems, email me straight if you know my email id or use the Contact link on the top menu.
Siby Sebastian