The picture gallery is a new addition to the board. The features of the new gallery are
1. All files can be password protected to ensure privacy
2. All the registered users can create their own categories and upload pictures.
3. Uses will have the right to edit or delete their own categories and pictures.
4. Multiple pictures (20 at present) can be uploaded simultaneously.
5. The pictures shown in the gallery and slideshow are smaller sized irrespective of   the initial file size.
6. Even large picture files (up to 1.5 MB at present) can be uploaded. (But please reduce file size if they are big to reduce server load)
7. Pictures can be downloaded in the original size. If you put multiple pictures as your favourite, all of them can be downloaded as a single zip file.
8. Users can rate the pictures and add comments
9. There is a 'tree view' of all the categories on the left side for easy navigation and it is easy to locate the category you want to view.
10. I have already created categories with specific user names for some of the batchmates and uploaded pictures from the previous site. Many of them are old, so make sure you upload some new ones. If you want any of the pictures already uploaded to be deleted, please let me know. (You can edit or delete the files you upload yourself).
Please make sure you have an appropriate category for your pictures. Else create a category with a suitable name before uploading.
Creating catagories and uploading pictures 
Make sure you are logged in. Open the picture gallery by selecting the 'Gallery' link from the top menu.
Look at the gallery tree view on the left. Expand the tree view by the Expand all link at the top. See if there is an appropriate subcategory for your pictures.
If you think a suitable subcategory does not exist for your pictures, select the User panel link at the top of the main gallery page. Click Categories and then New category.  Make sure you create a subategory under an appropriate category or subcategory.
After that go back to the User panel and click New pictures to upload pictures
To make things interesting, please add comments and rate pictures. (It may be sensible to avoid rating family pictures).
Contact me if there is any trouble.